Hawaii County Basic Services phone numbers for quick reference (Utilities, insurance, and more)

July 27, 2023

Hawaii County related phone numbers for quick reference

Here are some phone numbers you will likely need and general information about taxes, insurance, utilities and more:

  1. Hawaii Building Dept https://www.dpw.hawaiicounty.gov/divisions/building  (808) 323-4720
  2. Hawaii Dept of Health https://health.hawaii.gov/ (wastewater) (808) 322-1963
  3. Hawaii Electric Co (HELCO): https://www.hawaiianelectric.com/  (808) 329-3584
  4. Hawaii Motor Vehicle Registration https://mvr.ehawaii.gov/renewals/lookup.html?county=hawaii  (808) 323-4818
  5. Hawaii Planning Dept https://www.planning.hawaiicounty.gov/  (808) 323-4770
  6. Hawaii Property Insurance Association (for lava zones 1 & 2): hpiainfo.com
  7. Hawaii Property Tax Office https://hawaiipropertytax.com/ (Kona) (808) 323-4880
  8. Hawaii Water Dept. https://www.hawaiidws.org/  (808) 322-0600
  9. Water Supply:  Many parts of the Island are not supplied by county water and these areas may need a water catchment system.  If water supply is a catchment system, review the following: https://www.ctahr.hawaii.edu/hawaiirain/guidelines.html 
  10. Telephone Service:  Many areas of the Island do not have wired telephone service.  Check with telephone service providers regarding costs involved for installation and types of services available.
  11. Cellular Service:  Many areas of the Island do not have cellular coverage.  The best way to tell for sure is look at your phone when visiting a property to see if you have service.
  12. Mail Service:  Receiving mail and packages in Hawaii can be problematic in some locations.  There are many area that USPS, UPS, FEDEX and others will not deliver to.  Contact the Hawaii sites to determine if service is available for the subject property.
  13. Insurance: Lenders may require various types of insurance such as volcano, lava flow, hurricane and/or flood or other insurance.  Buyer(s) are advised to consult an insurance professional to determine the cost and availability of property and/or liability insurance. https://cca.hawaii.gov/ins/files/2014/01/Homeowners-Premium-Comparison.pdf Lava Insurance information:  cca.hawaii.gov
  14. Utilities: Utility services and easements for service may not be available in all areas.  Buyer(s) should contact Hawaiian Electric Light Company (HELCO) regarding fees for electric installation and SSPP charges (if any). Special Subdivision Project Provisions (SSPP) is a line extension program that assists customers in obtaining electrical service in subdivisions that were developed prior to the passage of the Hawaii County Ordinance No. 62 in 1967.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information and this also contains the power connection details needed for new construction: hawaiianelectric.com SSPP Information and submission form: hawaiianelectric.com
  15. Heleon Bus:  https://www.heleonbus.hawaiicounty.gov/ 
  16. Tsunami Evacuation: http://static.pdc.org/tsunami/index.html#hawaii0 
  17. Waste Management: https://www.hawaiizerowaste.org/facilities-2/ 
  18. Dept of Business, Economic Development and Tourism: https://dbedt.hawaii.gov/economic/ 
  19. Hawaii Emergency Management Agency: https://dod.hawaii.gov/hiema/