Funny Facts about real estate in Hawaii

March 21, 2023

Funny facts about real estate in Hawaii

1. . ⛱️ Sand for Sale: In Hawaii, you can find beachfront properties
where you're not only buying the house but also the sand 
beneath your feet. Just be sure not to take the sand home as a 
souvenir; it's actually illegal to remove it from the beaches! And taking it
from the Big Island has been said to bring bad fortune.
2. 🏖 Surf's Up!: Forget about having a home gym or a pool; in
Hawaii, some properties boast their very own private surf breaks.
Catch a wave without leaving your backyard!

3. 🪨 Lava Zone Living: On the Big Island, there are different
"Lava Zones" based on the likelihood of volcanic activity. Some people
choose to live in high-risk areas like lava zone 1 or 2 for the thrill
and lower property prices, essentially playing real-life "The Floor is

4. 🐔 Chickens Everywhere: In certain parts of Hawaii, wild
chickens roam freely, adding an unexpected element to property
showings. These feathered friends can be seen strutting through yards,
walking thru houses or enjoying the private lanai! “Bawk Bawk
ba-gawk!” 😃 

5. ☕️ Coffee Farm Communities: Ever wanted to live on a coffee
farm? In Hawaii, you can! Some communities are built around coffee
plantations, offering residents the freshest cup of morning joe
around. Imagine waking up to your fresh coffee grown on your farm!

6. 😌 Laid-back Escrow: The laid-back Hawaiian lifestyle
extends to real estate transactions, where "island time" can sometimes
slow down the escrow process. Aloha spirit means patience is key!

7. Celebrity Neighbors: In Hawaii, you might just find
yourself living next door to Hollywood stars or famous musicians who
have chosen the islands as their paradise escape. Talk about an A-list
neighborhood watch!

8. 🌴 Jungle Adventures: Home inspections in Hawaii can feel
like a jungle expedition, as professionals have to navigate lush
foliage and deal with unexpected wildlife encounters.  Tarzan skills anyone?

9.  Lava Rock Lawns!  Forget about mowing the lawn - some properties is Hawaii
have lava rock landscaping instead of grass.  Not only is it really low maintenance,
but a great conversation starter!  Come own your piece of paradise!

10.  Tiki Torches Required:  In some Hawaiian communities, outdoor lighting restrictions
are in place to preserve the beauty of the night sky.  This means tiki torches and other
low-impact lights are the perfect way to illuminate your property, giving it a tropical
ambiance.  Talk about star gazing at it's finest! You'll be amazed.